Spring Frost and My Reputation

Semi-trucks heavy with nursery stock have been rolling in and out of Goldner Walsh with some regularity lately.  Prior to their arrival, in preparation, we cleared space for them, put up benching, and got the nursery irrigation (irritation) up and running. Taking great care unloading to avoid damage of any sorts, however, mother nature we just can’t control.

Without fail, we’ll get a great load in with buds swelling or flowers ready to open and the weatherman (weatherperson) warns me of a day like today. What’s a plant guy to do? My season and reputation are now on the line.

The answer is quite obvious; copy the state of Florida. Right?

Yep, Florida. Ever see the shots on the news of the citrus growers during a frost, you know just before they report orange juice prices are going to increase, you see the grower setting up sprinklers to coat his crop in ice. We’re doing the same thing. The ice will coat and protect tender limbs and foliage from frost damage and melts off harmlessly as the day progresses. Reputation intact. Now if I can just figure out how to increase my pricing like Florida and still have you guys buy our plants.

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