Goldner Walsh Guarantee

We guarantee to provide plants that are true to variety and in prime condition for growing. We will provide reliable information regarding the proper use and care of every item we offer.

We will cheerfully refund or replace, one time, any plant that has been properly cared for but has failed to survive for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The replacement plant will be equal to the purchase price. Replacements are not guaranteed. Perennials are guaranteed through November 1 in the growing season of purchase. Excluded from this guarantee are annuals, bulbs, container plantings, Bonsai, discounted merchandise, live Christmas Trees, plants transplanted on-site, and tropical plants.

Merchandise must be accompanied by a receipt for replacement. Return items are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Our Shared Responsibility

We each have a commitment to the growing process. It is important to understand our mutual responsibilities. Our role is to provide high-quality plants. Your role is to care for them properly, paying attention to the care instructions we provide. If the plants are cared for properly and do not survive, it is our responsibility to refund or replace them. If the plants are lost due to extreme heat, winter damage, pests, neglect, rodent damage, snow, or ice damage we will share in your sorrow, but not in your loss.

This guarantee supersedes any previously published guarantee.

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