Recipe: Make Your Own Hot Pepper Animal Repellent

Recipe This recipe yields one small batch of rodent/critter repellant or 3 to 4 32oz spray bottles. Directions Using the Hot Pepper Spray About This Hot Pepper Rodent Repellent Hot pepper animal repellent is a natural deterrent to keep unwanted animals and pests away from plants and garden areas. It combines the properties of both […]

Unprecedented times, unprecedented solutions. A call for support.

Goldner Walsh Garden and Home recognizes that the safety of our industry, employees and the general public is our first priority. In effecting change for our industry we are initiating new procedures for our business and a call for support. We are asking you, our loyal customers, to help us. We would greatly appreciate you […]

Dedication to Virginia Smith

The dedication to Virginia Smith was Thursday, September 26th with Virginia’s Son, Frank, and wife, and granddaughter as well as the latest generation, her great-granddaughter! Carol Mueller, BTPL director, gave a welcoming speech and Frank Smith spoke mentioning a sign that his mother, Virginia, had in her window at home: All a person needs in […]

“Cool” Containers

You have likely heard it before… we at GW wear many hats. I traded in my landscape architect hat for a custom winter container designer hat the week of Thanksgiving. Well, 90% of the hat anyway. I still had 10% of my brain with crews buttoning up client gardens for the winter and ideas brewing […]

Showing Some Ornamental Tree Love

What a great sighting today in Bloomfield Village, Michigan! In full flower a magnificent Panicled Goldenraintree (a.k.a. Varnish Tree or Pride of India) and for you botanists: Koelreuteria paniculata. Very hardy and these showy flowers dependably bloom in July! Quite a treat for all you ornamental tree fans. Later in September appear papery 3-sided lantern-like […]

Magnolias (Can’t Be Real)

Sometimes I look at a flowering magnolia and can’t believe it is hardy enough to grow here.  I mean really, something that beautiful can grow…here! As a kid the neighbor lady down the road had an old saucer magnolia; the magnolia the average customer refers to in the description (“ya know- the tulip tree”), that […]

Spring Frost and My Reputation

Semi-trucks heavy with nursery stock have been rolling in and out of Goldner Walsh with some regularity lately.  Prior to their arrival, in preparation, we cleared space for them, put up benching, and got the nursery irrigation (irritation) up and running. Taking great care unloading to avoid damage of any sorts, however, mother nature we […]

OUCH! Winter Burn on the Landscape

This has been the most severe and relentless winter I remember since childhood. I am not alone to be more ready for spring to get here so we can enjoy all the beauty of our garden landscapes bursting with beautiful fragrant flowers, birds chirping, and butterflies fluttering about. We have had record-breaking snow that for […]

Goldner Walsh: Hiding the Neighbors for Over 60 Years

Without a doubt, the neighbors are our best business. From the regular customer walking in off the street to our full-blown design and landscape clients, their number one request is how to hide the neighbors. This in turn forces us to come up with more creative ways to do just that. We could just give […]

Ginko Greatness

Celebrating the Ginko Biloba tree providing beauty in the landscape for millions of years! The Ginko Biloba tree is the oldest living tree and has many very interesting features. It is a great tree for an accent in your landscape. First of all the distinctive fan-shaped leaves are so cool. It is super hardy (zone […]

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