The Nelly Belly Fund


Sponsor Nelly to support her daily appetite for fresh nutritional fare

Your $20.00 sponsorship will contribute to healthy daily prepared fresh meal servings and spa treatments for Nellie, our rescued African sulcata tortoise.

Bonus: Receive $5 off your next purchase plus visiting and photo opportunities.

About Nelly

Official Title: Chairturtle of the Ecological Education and Appreciation Department
Species: African sulcata (spurred) tortoise
Life Span: 75 to 150+ years
Mature Size: 150+ lbs,  36″ long
Favorite Foods: Daily servings of hay, greens, squash, carrots, Brussel sprouts, occasional hibiscus flowers, and other seasonal vegetarian treats
Native Habitat: The southern edge of the Sahara desert in Africa. The sulcata, or spurred tortoise is the largest mainland species of tortoise in the world!

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