Vast rotating selection of Michigan hardy perennials.

From collector hostas and rare ferns in our shade house, to butterfly bushes and many varieties of cone flower in our sun house, we carry a wide, ever changing, selection of perennials. Whether you are looking for native plants or have specific needs based on environmental conditions, such as deer, we are sure to have something that suits your needs. Please stop by or give us a call!

Persian Shield
A fabulous ornamental plant, the Persian Shield is an evergreen perennial with humble beginnings in Myanmar. It’s foliage shines brightly in neon shades of purple, veined with green. They thrive best in very partial shade and if the temperature is just right, they may bloom in fall or winter.
Butterfly Bush Black Knight
A fast-growing shrub, the Black Knight has a spectacular summer color with dark violet flower spikes. It is a bit hardier than other varieties and works well as a foundation shrub.

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