Our Greenhouses

Our Greenhouses carry stock year round. Including unique tropical plants, cacti & succulents, annuals, and perennials.

In our greenhouses, you’ll find amazing indoor and outdoor plants, ranging from a large selection of unique succulents and cacti to hanging baskets, magnolia trees, and enough houseplants to turn your home into a jungle. Open year round, we regularly stock indoor and outdoor plants for any occasion or purpose, and we carry a variety of seasonal plants, bulbs, gardening equipment, decor, soil, and so much more.

Small pinkish flower in summer, known for show fall lilac-violet fruit clusters.
Boston Fern
Rubbery stems with tiny chubby leaves are this plants trademarks. Sometimes seen in a plain green but equally as engaging in the variegated form, these are often grown as houseplants for warm and bright areas.
Brilliant Red Chokeberry
Brilliant Red Chokeberry - White spring flower, naturalizing, native, great fall color.
Butterfly Bush Black Knight
A fast-growing shrub, the Black Knight has a spectacular summer color with dark violet flower spikes. It is a bit hardier than other varieties and works well as a foundation shrub.
Butterfly Syngonium
Also know as the Arrowhead plant, the Syngonium is an excellent houseplant for low light conditions. They are bushy and full making them very attractive indoor plant choices. As they grow and mature, the syngonium develops a climbing habit, making them fun to grow on trellises.
Calathea lancifolia
Known as the Rattlesnake Plant, this Calathea has long green leaves with decorative dark spots. The underside of the leaves are a deep purple. This particular Calathea is very resistant to browning. Keep in evenly moist soil in a well-drained potting mix.
Early flowering with big, bold colors lasting all summer and into fall. Calibrachoa thrives in sun and heat.
Globe Blue Spruce
Beautiful globe shaped spruce, with unique color.
Golden Chain Tree
An upright branch habit and luxuriant drooping yellow flower clusters in May. Best in full sun. Many other varieties and selections for the connoisseur of choice landscape nursery stock.
Golden Dawn Redwood
A stunning tall, specimen tree with brilliant golden needles and a fast grower especially good in sunny wet areas. The form is conical and the needles drop just before winter.
Green Giant Arborvitae
This upright conifer is perfect for privacy. It's strong, versatile, and doesn't need much maintenance.
This is a beautiful, hardy Hydrangea (Vanilla Strawberry shown) with pink and white leaves. We carry many other hydrangeas, as well.

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