Recipe: Make Your Own Hot Pepper Animal Repellent

Recipe This recipe yields one small batch of rodent/critter repellant or 3 to 4 32oz spray bottles. Directions Using the Hot Pepper Spray About This Hot Pepper Rodent Repellent Hot pepper animal repellent is a natural deterrent to keep unwanted animals and pests away from plants and garden areas. It combines the properties of both […]

12 Tips for Caring for Flower Bouquets & Cut Flowers

caring for flower bouquet

Trimming Stems: Every few days, trim the stems at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors. This helps the flower bouquets absorb water more efficiently. When flowers are cut, the stem’s cells can become clogged with air, preventing water from being drawn up to the blooms. Trimming the stems at an angle creates a […]

5 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Florist

Shopping at your local florist supports the local economy and creates jobs for people in your community. Not Just Goldner Walsh, but all Local Florists. Imagine a world sprinkled with vibrant petals, a riot of colors, and scents that can whisk you away to the most exotic locales. Now, what if I told you that […]

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