Ornamental Grasses

Amazing Ornamental Grasses

Simply put, ornamental grass helps enhance and provide a unique design element that can be used in all settings. They provide any garden or container with graceful motions and an attractive form with fabulous contrasting colors. Ornamentals are praised for their elegant habits, swaying seedheads and feathery textures that add a captivating visual interest to any garden or container. On this page is a sample of the ornamental grasses we carry – stop in to see all of them, or see what’s in stock, there’s always plenty available.

‘Blue Heaven’

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With narrow, upright, grassy foliage the ‘Blue Heaven’ annual creates a fabulous vertical accent for any rock garden or container.  They emerge blue, develop into pink and burgundy in the summer and turn a rich copper in the fall.

Reed Grass

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Reed grass is the perfect annual for creating a fabulous vertical effect with feathery stalks that turn a rich gold color in the fall. They thrive in wet soil but can also tolerate dry conditions.

Switch Grass

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The ‘Heavy Metal’ annual variant pictured above features stiff, metallic blue blades that distinguish it from other types of switch grass.  They retain their vertical form without tilting and have absolutely fabulous foliage in the fall.


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The perfect annual for providing height and color to a garden. The Big Bluestem comes into its prime earlier than other ornamental grasses and emerge a deep green to dark purple in the spring and darkens to near black in the fall.

‘Jade Princess’

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With intense chartreuse foliage and rich brown panicles that keep a controlled mounded shape, the ‘Jade Princess’ Ornamental Millet is the perfect perennial for cool weather landscapes and containers.