Annual Flowers & Plants

We Carry Unique, Beautiful & Wonderous Annuals

Simply put, an annual is a plant that expresses its entire lifecycle from seed to flower, and back to seed all within a single growing season.  Only the dormant seeds bridge the gap from one generation to the next. On this page is a sample of the annuals we carry – stop in to see all of them, or see what’s in stock, there’s always hundreds available.


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Pansies are one our most popular cool weather annuals.  While most are hybrids of the Viola genus, and are very similar, any gardener can spot a pansy by their heart-shaped overlapping petals with face-like center markings.


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Did you know there are over 500 species of Viola? Viola’s will self-seed and give you many years of delight.  They are primarily cool-season bloomers and are perfect for bridging the seasons.


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Early flowering with big, bold colors lasting all summer and into fall.  Calibrachoa thrives in sun and heat.

Ornamental Peppers

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Interesting ornamental pepper produces fruits that are thin and twisted in a cone shape.  They are held prominately upright at the top of the foliage.

Swiss Chard

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Swiss chard is a member of the beet family and grows perfectly in cooler weather.  Best known for its bright, colorful stems that come in many different hues.  High in vitamin A and C!

Flowering Cabbage

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Looking to add some stunning colors to your cool-season garden? How about some flowering cabbage? With bold shades of white and purple during the fall they are sure to add a pop of color to your beds.

Flowering Kale

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Ornamental Kale can make a truly fabulous red, white, pink, or purple pop of color in any cool season garden with minimal care.


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Celosia has robust, tight foliage that comes in a variety of vibrant colors.  Electrifying plumes will keep their color through summer and into fall and are a great annual color for beds and borders.


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Supertunia are vigorous plants with slightly mounded habits than can be a great filler or spiller in containers.  They are also fabulous landscape plants, fitting in best near the front of beds.